Solar Energy Solutions

Solar is the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. A photovoltaic system employs solar panels, each comprising a number of solar cells, which generate electrical power. This type of energy can be used almost anywhere and utilises our natural source of light from the sun.


hydro Energy Solutions

Hydropower plants capture the energy of falling water to generate electricity. A turbine converts the kinetic energy of falling water into mechanical energy. Then a generator converts the mechanical energy from the turbine into electrical energy.


Wind Energy Solutions

Wind power is the energy obtained from the wind. It is one of the oldest-exploited energy sources by humans and today is the most seasoned and efficient energy of all renewable energies. Wind power consists of converting the energy produced by the movement of wind turbine blades driven by the wind into electrical energy and is a source of renewable energy. It does not contaminate, it is inexhaustible and reduces the use of fossil fuels.


Geothermal Energy Solutions

Geothermal means, literally, “earth heat”. The temperature of the earth increases as we drill deeper towards its core. We can use that heat for energy by circulating water through hot subterranean reservoirs, bringing the hot water or steam to the surface. We can then convert the energy in the hot fluid to mechanical and electrical power at the surface using a heat engine.


Bioenergy Solutions

Bioenergy refers to electricity and gas that is generated from organic matter, known as biomass. This can be anything from  plants and timber to agricultural and food waste – and even sewage. The term bioenergy also covers transport fuels produced from organic matter. 


waste to energy Solutions

Waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste, or the processing of waste into a fuel source. Waste to energy is a form of energy recovery and is a great source of renewable energy.