About Us

Renewable Energy Engineers Australia (“REEAUST”) is a company passionate about the environment and Australia’s future in Renewable Energy solutions.


REEAUST was established in July 2017 and believes that there is a viable option to address the waste management issue confronting Australia. In conjunction with its partners, REEAUST has researched and developed a hybrid waste to energy plant that utilises many forms of renewable energy and gives off less emissions than leaving municipal waste in landfills.


To provide the leading technology platform for converting the world’s waste into clean energy for a healthier planet.


  • To eliminate all rubbish that goes into landfills and turn this into energy. By doing this Australia will benefit from not only a cleaner and more mindful country but will also benefit from more affordable energy throughout residential and commercial property.

  • To motivate everyone, including businesses, communities, organisations and individuals, to be able to make educated measures to reduce their carbon footprints and to be responsible for our sustainability and energy independence.

  • We believe the need to accomplish these things is urgent, both to stop climate change and to provide for the health and well being of both the environment and all people.

  • We are convinced that while education is one element of accomplishing these ends, another is by being living examples for others to follow.